my first day at camp

My first day at camp was fun but challenging. I made new friends, and met my 2 counselors and my fencing instructor.  Now lets start the story:

The camp is at the Tel-Aviv university.  I woke up at 6:30 AM, brushed my teeth, got dressed, ate breakfast, and walked with my dad and my brother to the bus stop. After a long wait, the bus finally arrived and we got on.  When we arrived, I met my group and my fencing instructor, and after few minutes we all went to the fencing studio.  We practiced some simple stuff, and then got our real fencing equipment and swords.  In fencing, you have to hit your opponent three times. When it was my turn, my opponent got 1 hit and I got 1 hit, then I got 1 hit and he got another hit, and then he got the finale hit.

After fencing, we played a few games, ate bread, and then went to the pool to take a swimming test.  I did okay. We went back to our part of the camp, ate lunch, and came up with a name for our group – we call ourselves “the no namers”. After camp, we got back on the bus, went to Saba’s home, had pizza dinner, and went to sleep.


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